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HSBC is cutting back in the U.S. after its 2003 purchase of Household International Inc. required it to set aside more than $65 billion for bad loans

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26 May
Posted in Auto Loan Issues
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DMV lien release and bad HSBC phone numbers

KZ in Nevada said: “I Need a lien release form signed for the DMV. I inheireted a motercycle from my father inlaw who had told me it was paid off. I talked to someone at household retail services and they could not even find any records at all. He gave [...]

24 May
Posted in Auto Loan Issues
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Another HSBC mortorcyle loan gone bad

DL in Texas said: “OMG! HSBC Nevada/Yamaha – I signed in 2005 for a motorcycle for my husband since his credit was bad. We made the payments on this loan with no problems until the 2yr “intro” ran out. Then the interest went up to 12% from 4.9%, so we [...]

24 April
Posted in Rudeness Issues
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HSBC cold call results in rude conversation

LA in Oregon said: “I recevied a phone solicitation from HSBC Nevada. The man was very hard to understand, since he really did not speak english. He wanted me to purchase some type of credit protection program. I asked questions and he said I was repeating myself and I was [...]

14 February
Posted in Privacy Issues
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HSBC and Smith Debnam Drake Saintsing & Myers LLP

EM in North Carolina said: “I just received a summons delivered by the sheriff from HSBC Nevada NA, collection firm Smith Debnam Drake Saintsing & Myers LLP. Being charged for a debt that is not mine. It has some one from this firm claiming this is my debt and this [...]

4 January
Posted in Watchdog Issues
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Mand tracks HSBC as a California or Nevada corporation

Marcus in California said: “I came across your site today after a frustrating 2 months trying to sort out a dispute with my HSBC credit card. It was welcome reading to know I am not alone! I have been trying to track down the legal name for HSBC and read [...]