HSBC free refi promise is NSF disaster, foreclosure

Dana in Virginia said: “We have been fighting with HSBC for 4 years now. We refinanced with HSBC to get out from under Indy Mac. Started with what we though was a reputable bank and ended up with HSBC. But the bottom line is we were given a high interest rate with promise of a free refi in 6 months.

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After 2 years only $19 paid on HSBC principle

CM in Virginia said: “For 2 yrs we have paid 225 a month on a loan we thought with a 9% rate we were told. I was going through the bills and notice that in 2yrs of paying 225 a month direct from our bank account we manage to pay off a whole 19 dollars. WE have tried to get a hold of HSBC to see what was going on as of to date no response.”

HFC HSBC mortgage modifications impossible

KA in Virginia said: “I agree, I have a Mortgage with them and was put into a loan that is now upside down due to their appraisal. They told the appraiser the amount they needed to finance the house which put me now in the hole. I have a modification for a short period. I am looking to do a Short Sale. If HSBC would do the modification permanently like other institution that would help a lot of people that work hard to keep a roof over their childrens head and mine.

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