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“Iwas at the Gilroy Best Buy the other day, and at the checkout, the clerk asked me if I would like a free eight-week subscription to either Sports Illustrated or Entertainment Weekly.

“A little suspicious, I specifically asked her if, after the eight weeks, they would charge my credit card and continue the subscription.

“She said, “No,” and that they would mail me a postcard asking if I’d like to continue. So I said, “Yes, go ahead.” Well, on the touch screen, a note came on asking for my signature authorization for the subscription, along with a sneaky line, “ . . . with automatic renewal.”

I told the clerk I didn’t like that statement and to cancel the order.

First, I don’t like being bombarded at checkout like that, but worse, I don’t like being misled by the clerk, either. It’s clear she had no idea what she was talking about, so she should have just said so rather than lie to me. If I had my way, they should stop fronting magazine subscriptions at checkout, or I’ll just shop somewhere else that doesn’t.

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6 thoughts on “Best Buy Lies About Magazine Subscriptions

  1. Jeff says:

    My 16 year old son was duped into this “free” subscription.
    I immediatly called and cancelled.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if a charge showed up on his credit card anyway.

  2. Marilynn says:

    I had the same thing happen via Media Play counter. I signed up for Sports Illustrated (which I didn’t even pick the wrong check box must have gotten marked by the cashier. I was in a hurry and signed the slip as I was renewing my yearly Points program anyway so didn’t realize it was also for the magazine. I started receiving SI and Entertainment Weekly but only received a notice about SI and that I would be billed at the end of the trial. I figured they would send a bill didn’t think they would have access to my bank account info!!! Today I found the $24.95 on there and to top it off an insufficient fund fee as well.

    These practices are absolutely improper and take advantage of consumers in a big way!

  3. Steve Hobi says:

    Best Buy did the same thing – tricked me into signing up for subscriptions to two magazines, which don’t even come in my name! I cancelled them both, but they are still debiting the money from my checking account, and I did not ever give anyone my account number – anyone that is but Best Buy! I have filed several complaints with various agencies, and I have called these magazines, but they have yet to credit back my money. Very deceptive and I will never buy anything from Best Buy again.

  4. heidi says:

    i a producer at fox news in los angeles investigating the best buy subscription scam…. if you’d like to tell me your story, please call 310/584-3904 or email me at 310/584-3904. looking for consumers in l.a. area to speak with. thx in advance, heidi

  5. Jim says:

    Best Buy tried the same trick with me, but the cashier merely said, “you get a free copy of Entertainment Weekly” with your purchase. Next thing I know, after I swiped my credit card, I’m confronted with a screen that says I’ve just purchased a subscription and my credit card will automatically be charged after I get the first eight issues, and the subscription will be automatically renewed unless I call to cancel. I’ve filed a scam report with the Federal Trade Commission and suggest everyone who has been scammed by Best Buy do the same. Here’s the link: http://www.consumer.gov/sentinel/members.htm

  6. Monty says:

    My wife was surprized that her credit card statement had a charge from Best Buy which in turn was about a subscription to Entertainment Weekly. She has been receiving the issues, but did not know why she was receiving them. Best Buy never mentioned this publication. So, she cancelled it and only get $25.67 of the $29.95 charged to her card.

    I may have to contact the FTC.

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