ClearNetCalls To Support Consumer Advocacy Program

Consumer advocacy organization Household – HSBC Watch is proud to announce a new sponsor for 2006. As internet telephony grows in popularity Household – HSBC Watch looks forward to a long and rewarding relationship with new sponsor A portion of their revenue will go to our watchdog organization, funding support for our own VoIP helpline and additional monthly costs associated with our efforts.

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Database of Bands Sponsors HSBC Watch

New website Database of Bands came out of beta testing and is ready to receive website listings from U.S. bands and musicians. As you can tell from the name, Database of Bands is a central database of bands, music groups, and musicians. When submitting information you can describe your band, music genre, availability and more.

Database of Bands is the newest sponsor of HSBC Watch Consumer Advocates. “HSBC Watch is proud to announce this new sponsor. Given the high amount of daily traffic to HSBC Watch we are sure this relationship will be mutually beneficial” a spokesperson said.

HSBC – 102 E-Mail Reports in April

HSBC customers sent 102 reports to watchdog organization Household – HSBC Watch (the owners fo this website) during the month of April 2005, assisting with trend analysis and a continuing study of predatory lending within HSBC and HSBC Finance Corporation. In addition to email reports many reports and opinions were entered directly into the forums. Blogger comments and helpline telephone calls rounded out new input for April. “In addition, we also received some very interesting documents by registered mail” said a spokesperson for the organization. “The more we learn the more we can pass on to regulators, congress, and authorities” the group said.

Household – HSBC Watch Gives Away Free Web Page

Consumer watchdogs at Household – HSBC Watch made a free web page available to those that want to support the advocacy program. The page is a complete single html page that requires no knowledge of programming. It can be copied from this location. The page is for those that want to inform people of tactics used over the years by predatory lender Household International, now part of HSBC. This is what your new page will look like.

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