Employee theory of HSBC layoffs and seniority

I worked for HSBC for 19 years, most of that time in collections. I was recently fired for a bogus reason. Many of my fellow co-workers with 15-19 years of service for HSBC have also been let go. One individual was fired because they did not delete an email that was “inappropriate” sent to them by someone else 4 years ago. It seems there is a pattern with HSBC letting people go with 15-19 years of service. Many of these employees including myself are grandfathered under the Household Pension Plan. I believe HSBC is doing everything in it’s power to get rid of employees to save on pension costs. Customers — you are not alone. HSBC screws it’s employees in the very same way. If you are an employee who has been fired after 15-19+ years of service, please write your blog. Do I hear class action law suit?