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Some have asked about the Household - HSBC Watch project. What is the genesis for our campaign? Certainly reasonable minds differ on this subject. If we make you think critically about the issues we've accomplished part of our mission, however, some critical aspects go beyond that of critical thinking.

Some would prefer to think that today's Internet sites contain myth rather than substance. Others contend that large global companies are untouchable by consumers. Deeply sympathetic to the motives of consumers, enduring spirit at Household - HSBC Watch motivates our volunteers in a way which is difficult to measure by tradition standards.

Meaningful credible information suggests a confrontation between consumers and executives that victimize consumers to achieve market expectations and higher earnings per share. Customers often pay a price for a company's economic satisfaction. For instance, a $484 million dollar nationwide settlement or an $11 million class action settlement is simply the cost of doing business. But for those consumers who lost hope the price is heavy.

People who lost hope, homes, financial independence, self esteem, or perhaps equity for retirement and security are people who visit our Household - HSBC Watch website. Other visitors are people who want to stop identity theft, financial horror stories and problems. Household - HSBC Watch volunteer staff do not work for recognition or profit. We do not look for credit from the rest of the world. Simply put, our contributions are not based on whether we get credit for it.

At Household - HSBC Watch we let people know that they are not alone. We let them see that others had, or continue to have, the same experiences. A man or woman must understand that they were not targeted for devastation or financial ruin, but often it is an experience shared by many other consumers as well. When a man or woman realizes that many people paid the same price for a company's economic satisfaction it gives forth a genesis - a coming into being - which focuses on the issues most dear to the family.

While Household - HSBC Watch never intended to have a global audience of web visitors, HSBC made the decision to purchase Household International, forcing us to expand accordingly. We do not want to become political, and again reasonable minds differ on this subject. We cannot, however, deny the fact that people have the same needs, wants, and desires for themselves, their family and their children, regardless of political affiliation, religion, nationality, ethic background and geo-political influence.

Household - HSBC Watch believes the exportation of predatory lending from the United States to other countries wrongfully and aggressively perpetuates a practice that places corporate profits above respect for familes and individuals. While we are not opposed to sub-prime lending, we remain opposed to predatory lending. HSBC acknowledged the exportation of Household International - HSBC Finance Corporation business practices to other countries, and identified those countries in recent press releases. We shall monitor the outcome to determine if the line between sub-prime is crossed, once again becoming predatory instead.

This is just one of our articles referencing HSBC complaints about mortgages, Bestbuy, credit cards, auto loans, fees, and late payment processing.

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HSBC Watch monitors HSBC customer trends for possible violations of Regulation Z and other possible illegal actions. We use your individual HSBC complaints and merchant complaint reports to perform trend analysis. We are not associated with HSBC, Household International, or their merchants. Some items are used by permission granted in the Fair Use guidelines of the 1976 U.S. Copyright Act. HSBC Watch was formerly known as Household Watch is now part of the Lender Watch network


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