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The totality of the evidence suggests HSBC will claim their website, www.hrsaccount.com, works just fine. Thousands of complaints tell us otherwise.

Calls to tech support, however, result in customers being told the website is fully operational. (That support number is 800-298-4240)

Letters to the FBI, the OCC, and other regulators will cause an investigation, but once again the totality of the evidence suggests regulators will be told the same thing - the website works just fine. For customers, however, investigations and letters from customers have a primary advantage. Your reports come in from all over the country, from people unknown to each other, thus the source of complaints and the shear number of complaints aid the investigation. Let our readers know what is happening, and let the OCC and FBI know what is happening. Let others know as applicable, including your state attorney general.

HSBC does not send an electronic receipt when payments go through, so consumers must assume it worked… The person I reached on my second call was simply unbelievably rude. He said that nobody would have told me that payments are sometimes not processed. I said I wasn’t blaming him or anyone - I understand that things happen like that with technology. He huffed and insisted I was lying. I asked him if that’s what he was implying, and he said ‘you, like these other customers who say this, are lying and just didn’t make a payment.

One customer said "I wanted to have my payments auto debited each month so they would be ontime. I also elected to pay 3 times the minimum payment. When I went to enter in the payment day, the site said I had to enter in 2 days later than the due date. I figured they knew what they were doing, and so I entered in that payment date for 8 months, knowing I would not have to worry about it. When I finally returned and had a chance to go through my statements, I found that they had shown me as being 2 days late for every payment, and no less than $50.00 out of $100.00 each month going to assessment fees. Also, there were no late notices"

The question is simple - can you pay online at www.hrsaccount.com reliably, every month, without fail? The answer is not so simple.

One of our researchers went to the HSBC website and followed the trail of redirected servers and websites. HSBC said that is necessary because they absorbed Household International.

She finally got to the online payment website, but since we do not have an account we couldn't test it out. But our helpline callers were trying to use the website and sometimes it didn't work.

HSBC said they have 60 million customers and some ( a small percentage ) might be having problems

Do not wait until the last moment to pay online

If you are shifted to the option of paying by phone it will cost you. In some cases if you pay online your payment will still be late. HSBC says it is because there is a two day lag.

If you have trouble paying your HSBC bill online report it (select 'contact others' from our menu, and then go to our live reports to comment about it.

This is just one of our articles referencing HSBC complaints about mortgages, Bestbuy, credit cards, auto loans, fees, and late payment processing.

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