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There is a legal way to tape record conversations with HSBC and most other customer service departments, and they will even help you do it legally

You can use a smartphone app like "Tape-a-Call" for iPhones and Android. This is how a visitor suggested:

Submitted by a visitor this is used in many states without legally notifying the other party that you are recording the conversation.

Here's How to legally record HSBC:
Purchase a micro-cassette (about $45.00 to $65.00). Also purchase a tape recording telephone connector ($16.00 to $25.00) or better yet a speakerphone ($25.00 to $125.00). Buy and use 90-minute micro-cassettes.

To legally tape the HSBC telephone conversation you MUST state your name, who you are calling, the purpose of your call, the telephone number you are calling, and the date (mm/day/yr), and the time and time zone (ET, CT, MT, PT, AKT, or HAT) of your call. Place the recorder in the cradle of the phone and dial the number, so it will record the telephone number's tones. DO NOT SAY ANYTHING WHILE WAITING FOR THE CALL TO BE TRANSFERRED TO CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Here's where HSBC is going to be a great help to you. At sometime during your call, HSBC has a pre-recorded message that states "your call may or may not be recorded for quality control purposes". There is your legal loophole. HSBC MUST make this statement at some time during your call, or they cannot legally tape your call. Since HSBC has clients in all 50 states, they do not have the time to check to see if they are complying with state laws concerning the tape recording your specific call (REMEMBER Pres. Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky and Linda Tripp).

In this one short message HSBC just gave you their legal notification/permission for you to record your telephone call with HSBC. HSBC and their attorney cannot state that they did not authorize you to record their call, because this message will be clearly heard on your taped call for use in court.

Now you can ask all the leading questions you want to ask the HSBC employee. In other words, you can set them up. I have heard many stupid, misleading, false, and fraudulent statements made by employees, supervisors and officers of HSBC.

To end your call, state the time the call ended by the same clock you used to state the beginning time of the call. This is VERY IMPORTANT! Although 1-2 seconds do not count, using two differing times on clocks, could give HSBC a legal challenge to your tape recording.

In many states you must verbally notify the other party that you are recording the telephone conversations, in order to submit the recording into court as evidence of false, misleading, or fraudulent statements made to you. Up until now you could only include testimony/evidence that was stated to you by having an unbiased witness to the conversation on the other end of the line, or write down the information from your memory after, hoping that HSBC recorded the conversation at their end.

Companies typically lose their taped recordings, when they are found to give out some of the dumb stuff HSBC employee's state in their phone call with you. This is why your tape recording is so important.

I do suggest that you check with your local DA as to how your state deals with tape recording of telephone conversations used as evidence. FTC and AG's typically accept this kind of evidence to prosecute willful intent, and use the tape only as corabborative evidence if they feel that HSBC or its employees' knowingly commits perjury.

Every state has had some type of legal challenge to tape recording telephone conversations since the infamous Tripp/Lewinsky taping. But every state, appellate, and state supreme court in all 50 states has upheld the right to tape a telephone conversation for evidentiary use, by one or both parties without further verbal confirmation if the date and time is also recorded, and the exact or similar above statement is made by the company, in this case, HSBC is heard on the tape.

HSBC may also attempt to claim entrapment, but that is a losing case also, because you did not intend to entrap HSBC, just get evidence of false, fraudulent, misleading statements typically/generally made by HSBC employees, to show a pattern of their willful intent commit fraud and perjury.

However, you can send written tape recording notification to HSBC by certified mail with return receipt request to the legal counsel/authorized agent of HSBC, informing them of your intent to record all future conversations with HSBC.

I include the taping notification along with my cease/desist letter, warning HSBC not to call me in attempt to collect a debt. It may get lost in the letter, but yet you have certified proof of delivery of your intent to tape record HSBC conversations.

If HSBC attempts to notify you when they call that you are not to tape the conversation, then you still can tape because you have given them written notification that all of your calls with HSBC will be taped. If HSBC has a way to document that you are taping your calls to HSBC, the employee can only state that you cannot tape them and then may hang up on you, but then you will have that on tape.

Submitted by

DBL, State Coordinator, Children's Rights Council

Note Household - HSBC Watch thanks the submitter. This is the type of support that keeps our websites strong and focused

Did customer service say something illegal? Make it stop. Here is how:
Open the "regulators" menu and go to FDIC law. (it opens in a new window) where you can familiarize yourself. Also go to our Your Money" page, which will also open in a new window.

Using your new knowledge simply prepare a bill or invoice for the offending company using your own computer. Mail it using delivery confirmation form the post office.

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